Our Company

About Us

Creating Value.  Building Relationships.  Redefining Advertising.

– That is 484Beyond in a nutshell.

If you look at American advertising in the last 100 years it has evolved from Henry Ford’s assembly line era to current data-driven individualized digital-advertising.  In the last 5 years alone Advertising, Web Presence, and Product Development changed the way brands interact with consumers.  At 484Beyond we are passionate about what we do. Some say we are the new kids on the block but others note the combined over 100 years of experience within our teams.  We are the new difference that invigorate brands.  We know trendy and cool and at the same time value the bottom line.

What 484Beyond brings is a partnership with our clients to grow their businesses and create more eyeballs that equate to each tangible value-relationship and repeat business. We create A 484Beyond–Client Relationship and A Client’s-Customer–Client Relationship. Both are value driven relationships created from what we do for you everyday.

We are dedicated to support your in-house team to reach your goals on both growing your business and the longevity of your brand. We do Creative strategy and implement various solutions. Our advantage is working with you one-on-one, a hands-on approach follow-through that yields visible results. Full team accessibility, reliability, and trust are hallmarks of the 484Beyond-client experience.

Our History

Founded in May 2010, 484Beyond LLC is a multifaceted bespoke creative company focusing on Interactive Advertising, Web Presence, Production, Branding and Business Consulting. 484Beyond is an idea-inspired, enthusiastic Creative Advertising and Strategic Consulting company with offices in Allentown, Pennsylvania and Manhattan, New York City.

Our Approach

You get more in return than what you invest when working with us. In Design, our development processes and milestone deliverables ensure world-class quality. In Advertising, we work with businesses to increase their revenue through the use of different advertising channels. We set-up compelling designs and marketing platforms to help our client achieve their goals and spark brand awareness.

Our Clients

Our clients are small and midsize businesses, enterprise corporations, nonprofits, institutions, brands, agencies and more. Industries we serve include Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Fitness, Law, Consumer Services, Banking, Media, Retail, Entertainment, Government, Technology and many more.